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Make your Real Estate go from being unutilized to a chic profit-generating venture

MPOWERED is the perfect amalgamation of Space, People, and Technology. We know that servicing the entire lifecycle of the client is of key importance, so we bring to you an assortment of services and help you pick and choose as per your business needs. In addition to the existing service verticals, we are also equipped to offer our clients tailor-made solutions as per requirement. In addition to the existing service verticals, we are also equipped to offer our clients tailor-made solutions as per requirement. The company currently holds four core innovations:


‘MPOWERED’ is a leading Space-as-a-Service Platform for capital investors that helps transform your real estate into agile, well-equipped workspaces by managing your offices and services while you focus on the business goals. We can rapidly mobilize and step in as Asset Development Managers or even work as investment partners for you in case you are seeking financial assistance to convert your real estate into smartly managed serviced offices, for long-term use.

Assets need an expert hand to continue being assets – that’s MPOWERED

You have the property, we have the expertise, let’s partner to convert them into thriving businesses


‘POWERED BY M’ is an extension of the company’s service portfolio and is designed to exclusively manage real estate for co-working and co-living spaces, through a single window. This business model is supported by flexible solutions for end-to-end services in Asset Design and Management and is built to help service providers serve their clients more efficiently. You can continue to operate under your brand name while we manage the service operations for you on the backend.


The third vertical ‘MGAGE’ is powered by technology and is built with a focus on the end user’s experience. It is a Co-working and Community Management application aimed at empowering the users to connect and collaborate with each other in a seamless digital environment. This App allows users to check the availability of real-time and book the services they require, on the go. From managing co-working, co-living, and managed/serviced office spaces to digitizing modern real estate with Visitor Management System & Community Engagement, MGAGE brings in a suite of advanced Real Estate-Management Software.

We Build, Power, Invest in and manage Real Estate to ensure the highest possible returns

Convert your Real Estate into a profit-making venture by giving it a strategic makeover with our global expertise

‘MAUDITOR’ is a Collaborative App designed by MPOWERED to help clients follow standardization and maintain compliance (Covid-19 related and otherwise) throughout the organization. Integrated with the web platform, MAUDITOR can be used as an inspection software that helps raise safety and quality standards and enables quick and real-time resolutions:
Swift Actions
The inspection-management software helps organizations take swift action on the issues reported from time to time.
Transparent inspections
Inspections run through the MAUDITOR App can be shared with team members across the organization at the single click of a button.

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